CID Image Data Portal

The Image Portal work package activities

This work package is in charge of the conception, population, maintenance and dissemination of the satellite remote sensing data archive (CID Image Data Portal) while respecting the applicable Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

The current version of the CID portal web application has been released in summer 2010. It offers portfolios of data access services which are available only to authorized users (see below), according to the Intellectual Property Rights applying to the data hosted in the Portal.

Access to the catalogue is public and no registration is required. The public access allows searching for image data and retrieving related metadata, including image thumbnails (discovery service). Due to IPR constraints, access to data and data services referenced in the catalogue (view and download services) is by default restricted to:

  • staff of the Institutions and bodies of the European Union
  • national administrations and their contractors depending on individual licensing terms and conditions of the respective dataset.

Thanks to the adoption of an End User License Agreement (EULA) for the CID portal users, this set of categories has been extended. A full list of user categories has been defined as types of licensee. Each user category has different rights of use of the data.

Users that do not fall in any of these categories are considered as public users. They will have the same access rights as anonymous users.

Registration is possible here where you have to specify your user category as well as your field of use.

Currently the Portal is providing the following modules:

  • an authentication system
  • a catalogue with a CSW and a web-based interface
  • various dissemination services
    • file-based access (from within the JRC)
    • web mapping interface
    • ECWPS, WMS and WCS services
  • a data upload module (from within the JRC)

The movie below gives an introduction to the CID portal and its functionality.

Work package coordinator: armin [dot] burger [at] jrc [dot] ec [dot] europa [dot] eu (Armin Burger)